Saturday, April 28, 2007

When Hubby is Away...

I watch DVD's that I know he would never watch.

Wuthering Heights- with the gorgeous and wide-eyed Merle Oberon and dashing Laurence Olivier playing, once more, a man unlucky in love whose entire demeanor is cloaked in misery, just like in Rebecca.

Sense and Sensibility (again) - I love Alan Rickman here and can never despise him as sinister Snape in Harry Potter. He will always be dashing Colonel Brandon to me. As usual, Hugh Grant plays a bumbling, stuttering fool. I can't believe a Chinese director filmed this one. I salute Ang Lee. The English countryside is breathtaking! North and South is still the best romantic film for me, followed by Pride and Prejudice (all versions but I like the Keira Knightley one least), then this one, and lastly Jane Austen's Emma (with Kate Beckinsale). I still have more to watch though, like The Buccaneers, Wives and Daughters, Northanger Abbey, etc...and they are all on my Amazon wishlist.

Marie Antoinette- Let's see how Kirsten Dunst portrays the original diva queen.

To borrow:

Notes on a Scandal - the novel by Zoe Heller was absorbing and I like both Cate Blanchett and Dame Judi Dench so it follows I would watch the film version.

The Painted Veil - like English Patient, they say, slow and burning, but set in China. English Patient is my all-time favorite tragic love story. Ralph Fiennes in that passionate bed scene was one fine luvah.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lucky? Blessed?

Just yesterday I thanked my better half.

Suddenly felt lucky/blessed to be loved so tenderly by someone who is a truly "mabait" person, a father in love with his son, a son fiercely protective of his parents, a brother thoughtful to his siblings, a son-in-law my parents are proud of, albeit silently.

He is also noble, apart from possessing other, expected 'husband material' traits. He knew he would marry a package deal when he proposed to me, and his life would never be the same, and yet, he made the choice others would probably balk at. Brave man, my husband of 5 years, but also a loving one. He married me, ME with my idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies, crap, suicidal tendencies and burdens. Me with my obligations and sense of responsibilty, me with my obsessive-compulsiveness and reckless ways. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief and wonder because my 2 boys love me so much, and yet I am still so sadly selfish and lacking.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


hubby says I have too many favorites.

which translates to: I have too many damn interests it gets confusing sometimes.

at least I'm easy to give gifts to.

some of my "favorites"/interests/wishes/parinig to hubby

1. visits to the spa
2. travelling
3. reading and spending hours at a bookstore
4. writing
5. chocolate, dark, bittersweet, at least 70%
6. baking
7. cooking and owning a small out-of-the-way resto someday
8. entertaining
9. trips to the beach and owning a beach house someday
10. food and nature photography
11. eating
12. watersports
13. hiking
14. sleeping
15. walking
16. backpacking
17. camping
18. going on safari
19. learning how to ski and sail
20. cooking gadgetry
21. hosting a travel and food show
22. hiking along the Great Wall path
23. sleep for one night at the Gobi

my new travel obsession is to take a cooking course, even a short, half-day one, at all the countries I plan to visit in the next couple of decades.