Monday, April 23, 2007

Lucky? Blessed?

Just yesterday I thanked my better half.

Suddenly felt lucky/blessed to be loved so tenderly by someone who is a truly "mabait" person, a father in love with his son, a son fiercely protective of his parents, a brother thoughtful to his siblings, a son-in-law my parents are proud of, albeit silently.

He is also noble, apart from possessing other, expected 'husband material' traits. He knew he would marry a package deal when he proposed to me, and his life would never be the same, and yet, he made the choice others would probably balk at. Brave man, my husband of 5 years, but also a loving one. He married me, ME with my idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies, crap, suicidal tendencies and burdens. Me with my obligations and sense of responsibilty, me with my obsessive-compulsiveness and reckless ways. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief and wonder because my 2 boys love me so much, and yet I am still so sadly selfish and lacking.

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